Project Executed

Experience our expertise in action through successfully executed projects.

Our solutions help clients gain resilience and manage industry challenges toward maximising greater opportunities. See a brief description of some of our most recent projects executed across sectors.


ICT Training for Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development

Executed project management training for 40 staff members of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development in partnership with Netline Limited on the use of office project management software. The basic tools covered were Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Business Transformation and Productivity Project for

This project is a full end-to-end business strategy and operations service. From researching and designing a bespoke business model for GIGS to recruiting new talents and training the staff and managers of the organisation on successful market practices to improve ROI and product units.


Property Technology System for Mindfire Limited

Created an avenue for multichannel marketing by designing, developing, and implementing Web Server Software to help sales leaders, the marketing team and the managerial department of Mindfire Group to advertise, sell and manage its real estate product globally.


Implementation of #TechforNonprofits model for Travaille Ensemble

This is one of our most interesting tech projects for NGOs. Our team of developers managed this project from design to prototype and then to production. The design is made up of a multilingual AI system. It was developed as a problem-solving tech delivering social change & impact system for change makers at Travaille Ensemble


Digital Transformation and Product Profiling for Sensang Construction Limited

Sensang is now among the architectural and civil engineering businesses in Nigerias capital with the quickest growth. We led the companys initiative to transition digitally, acting as its most dependable partner. We provided Sensang with more than simply digital operations; we also created the companys product profile and market features, which account for more than 80% of its current lead worth.


Projected Business Plan and Advisory service for WorkaHQ.

WorkaHQ, a tech-based provider of household services, specialises in laundry, kitchen maintenance, and support services. This initiative was launched to attract investors and grow. A market insight strategy was created by our business planning and advising team for the companys initiative to draw in over $20,000 in funding