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Advanced data analytics and product research are provided by the BFG Business Research and Intelligence team with a workflow that is integrated to assist you in making decisions that are quicker, more accurate, and more intelligent when using data. Your business results may be influenced by our data insights, planning, budgeting, forecasting, and knowledgeable BI solutions, regardless of your company area—finance, HR, supply chain, marketing, sales, or IT. This service combines the expertise of agile information professionals, market researchers, and insight managers to deliver high-quality standards and regulatory intelligence, market insights, industry research, and impact assessment.

Focus areas of our Research and Analytics Consulting Services

Business Analytics

Focusing on data, statistical analysis and reporting to help investigate and analyse business operations, provide insights, and drive recommendations to improve performance.

Data Science and Analytics

Utilising and putting to use a variety of technologies, architectures, methodologies, tools, and approaches, such as distributed data management, data warehousing and mining, and the right AI and ML techniques.

Text Analytics

Empowering business managers and organisational leaders to provide business value for end users via the use of descriptive, thematic, and reflective contexts.

Service Benefits


Market Feasibility and Planning

For business plan drafting, get real-time information about your market. This service offers you the ability to recognise new data architecture and market entry strategies. It makes it easier for your organisation to obtain data for market service while guaranteeing customer-valued goods.


Measure production agility

With unmatched scalability and resilience, this service provides you with insights into your production process and quality level with your production managers. You can improve cost performance and productivity through end- to-end real-time data collection and analytical management.


Measure Customer Needs and Satisfaction (CNSAT)

Have real-time knowledge about your customers needs and understand if you are meeting them. Our research and analytics service are used to forecast, manage, and get insight into customer needs and satisfaction levels. This will help you manage your future service process.


Measure experience with customers

Collect real-time data about customer satisfaction with your product. This service can improve client connections across any channel by providing clearer, more accurate responses to questions in any language.


Employee Satisfaction and Performance Appraisal

Engage your employees in decision- making through a quality feedback mechanism. By periodically evaluating an employees work performance and the manager-employee relationship in light of your organisations competence requirements, you may strengthen the operational connection of your organisation.

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